Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Beat Goes On

The dirty Musselman plot to desecrate the only sacred spot in America, that is: the holy Ground 0. Since this is what we're all supposed to be up in arms about, ignoring the fact that we're being governed by an enormous criminal gang, why shouldn't I go along? I can offer a simple solution to this gut-wrenching conflict.

Let the star-and-crescent folks build their Islamic whatever-it-is on their lawful property, a few blocks from the spiritual center of American self-pity. Meanwhile, let all the real, red-blooded Americans build a pure expression of American faith and culture on the site itself. And what, you ask, would that be, especially since the glorious "Freedom Tower" seems to be going nowhere fast? Glad you asked. How about a NASCAR-themed multimedia sound stage containing a massage parlor, a topless Wal-mart, an all-NFL sports bar, and the Life Dynamics Worship Center set for a new reality show, "Your Best Life Now With Big Brother." It could be called something like, oh ... Citibank Presents the Support the Troops AmericaCenter.

After all, aren't we the greatest country in the world? A great, big, strong country doesn't go around trying to shut everyone else up. No, it's strong and confident and simply puts itself up for comparison, knowing that the marketplace will crown it the winner. Why, I bet, after a few months, that Moooos-lim whatever-it-is will be empty. All the jihadis'll be over at the Center, cruising the babes and celebrating American Freedom. Yay!!!


Mimi said...

"How abuot a NASCAR themed multimedia sound stage...It could be called something like, oh ... Citibank Presents the Support the Troops AmericaCenter."
Jim, that whole passage is priceless! And the scary part is, it doesn't seem at all farfetched.

Jim Wetzel said...

Why, thank you so much, Mimi! I failed to work in anything about internet porn, which is surely about as American as baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet, but ... next time, maybe.

itsmecissy said...

Considering that this is not a Mosque, but a cultural center with a prayer room, considering that there is already a Mosque in the very same area that was built in 1970, before the World Trade Center was built, considering that you can't even see it from the Ground Zero site, considering that the building is not and will not be given Historic Preservation status and considering that the Imam of the project is an FBI consultant and that the New York Office of the FBI is located blocks away as well; this is, pure & simple, prejudice directed at the Muslim community. We are not at war against Islam. Islam has done nothing to us. Our fight is against Al Qaeda and its allies. Why is it a distinction can be made between Tim McVeigh, who was Christian and all Christian churches but one cannot be made for the Muslim community? There are Christian extremists that bomb abortion clinics and kill doctors; is there an anti-Church movement I don't know about? Because this prejudice has been stirred and the bigotry being exposed is disgusting; the irrational twisted and deranged pushers of hate have once again exposed in those that harbor prejudices based on race, creed and religion.

Freedom to practice religion and worship whatever higher power you choose isn’t just a mainstay of our Constitution, it was the SINGULAR PURPOSE for which this nation was founded. If the 1st Amendment doesn’t apply to Muslims, then it doesn’t apply to anyone.