Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How About We Mind Our Own Business?

Isn't Israel a sovereign state? Yes? So why should U.S. officials affect to be all angry and forbidding about the Israelis putting a little more boot pressure on the necks of the natives in its Bantustans?
Israel said Tuesday that it had advanced plans to expand a Jewish district of Jerusalem in territory that was captured in the 1967 war and that the Palestinians claim as part of their future state. The move is likely to further complicate the Obama administration’s faltering efforts to restart peace talks.

The news that the building plans had moved closer to approval drew a sharp response from the White House, which has declared reviving the talks to be a major goal. Robert Gibbs, the press secretary, issued a statement saying the administration was “dismayed” and asking both parties to avoid unilateral actions that could “pre-empt, or appear to pre-empt, negotiations.”
No, we should tend to our own knitting, and let the Izzies do whatever they want with the Pals, the Iranians, the Lebanese, and the various flavors of Ay-rabs in their neighborhood. We should also instantly cease all monetary/military aid to Israel, Egypt, Syria, the Palestinian (Non-)Authority, and any other foreign pockets we've been lining in that area. Doesn't that sound simple and equitable?

Yes, I know it'll never happen. Which is beside the point, I think.

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