Friday, August 28, 2009

Rats! I Missed My Chance

I didn't vote in the '08 presidential election. But I think I would've if I'd known of the candidacy of Toyama Koichi. Not only does he render the "birther" arguments moot using blindingly-brilliant logic, he also doesn't co-opt lame pop songs for his campaign music.

Now, maybe I did vote for Toyama Koichi: at about 4:20 into this campaign spot, he does say that he's considering all abstentions, including the involuntary ones, as votes for him. But since I hadn't even heard of him at the time, I don't feel right about taking credit for supporting him.

His foreign-policy prescriptions are superb.

Oh, well, maybe he'll be a candidate again in '12. On second thought, that's kind of useless, too, due to the whole Mayan-calendar thing. Again: rats!

(Via IOZ and a comment thread there.)


Anonymous said...

How did we miss this guy? I'd have voted for him ... if I could spell his name. I mean, Pat Paulsen's not available any more.

Jim Wetzel said...

'Tis pity ... Mr. Paulsen's been gone for years, and "Boozer" Kennedy's just now handed in his lunch pail. Oh, well ...