Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another Brick in the Wall

Rainbow Brite's Attorney-General is not happy with us:
But the conversation that we now engage in as a nation on this and other racial subjects is too often simplistic and left to those on the extremes who are not hesitant to use these issues to advance nothing more than their own, narrow self interest. Our history has demonstrated that the vast majority of Americans are uncomfortable with, and would like to not have to deal with, racial matters and that is why those, black or white, elected or self-appointed, who promise relief in easy, quick solutions, no matter how divisive, are embraced. We are then free to retreat to our race protected cocoons where much is comfortable and where progress is not really made. If we allow this attitude to persist in the face of the most significant demographic changes that this nation has ever confronted- and remember, there will be no majority race in America in about fifty years- the coming diversity that could be such a powerful, positive force will, instead, become a reason for stagnation and polarization. We cannot allow this to happen and one way to prevent such an unwelcome outcome is to engage one another more routinely- and to do so now.
My interest in this speech by one of our new supervisors isn't that it involves race, although it does mystify me that progressive opinion assures us on Monday that there's no such thing as "race," that it's an illegitimate category ... and then on Tuesday, there is such a thing as "race" when it's a convenience in beating the unenlightened about the head and shoulders. But never mind that. I find it disagreeable when the freshly-minted commissar of the Department of (In)justice denounces our freedom -- limited, to be sure, and no doubt more limited in the future -- to associate as we please, and talks to his minions about the hazards of "allowing" such questionable practices and attitudes to continue. These people don't seem to see individuals, when they look at us non-supervisory Americanos. They don't see unique, free persons -- holy images of the Living God. They see components of the State, to be molded wisely and efficiently by experts and professionals for the good of the State. They see bricks, whose properties and attributes are to be tailored according to the requirements of the wall they're constructing.

Our supervisors want engagement? I'd suggest to all my fellow subjects of whatever race, if race there be, that our supervisors be instantly engaged with mutiny. It's the obvious way to avoid being, in fact, a "nation of cowards."

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Anonymous said...

I caught this one, too, Jim, and was wondering just what Holder's solution to this free association problem would be.

Should everyone be assigned a number (hey, we could use our social security numbers!) and then be assigned their playmates for the weekend? If they didn't play well with others, we could dock their pay.

Or maybe we could pass a new law prohibiting "one-race" groups from entering restaurants or ballparks. If you think of all the new jobs this would create in the screening field, it might even lift us out of the depression.

Well, maybe the economic depression. I suspect the stimulus plan has already increased sales of anti-depressants.