Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"As the Iraqis Stand Up, We'll ...

... 'splain to 'em how it is:
President Bush said Wednesday he is confident the United States would reach an agreement on the role of U.S. forces in Iraq, calling opposition to a U.S. proposal part of the "noise" of a freer Iraqi society.

"There's all kinds of noise in their system and our system," Bush said. ". . . I think we'll get the agreement done."

Top Iraqi officials are calling for a dramatic reduction of the U.S. role in Iraq after the United Nations mandate for the U.S. military presence in the country expires later this year. Iraqi critics complain that the agreement proposed by the United States would turn Iraq into a virtual colony and allow the United States to maintain nearly 60 bases in their country indefinitely.

Bush administration officials say a deal is necessary to preserve order in the battered country, and that a new agreement "will not involve permanent bases, nor will it bind any future president to troop levels."
I don't suppose there's anyone left, outside of the 40% 30% 20% BushBase, who still entertains the quaint notion that the Mesopotamian venture has the slightest connection with Iraqi Freedom™. Surely, anyone who's awake understood this news story. For those who were snoozing, here's a quick recap.

Iraqi Collaborators: We're standing up now, El Supremo, so you-all can stand down pretty much any time!

The Wee Emperor: We'll tell you when you're standing up. Until such time as you've been told ... button it!

Remember: Iraq is not an Imperial colony, and anyone who says otherwise hates Uh-mur'ka.

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lemming said...

Alas, the majority is not in power. The minority are not about to let us out of this debacle. Elect Obama, McCain, Nader, my pet gerbil, it doesn't matter. We're not getting out any time soon. Thanks, GWB.