Tuesday, October 09, 2007

All That Lovely Power, Just Sitting Around

Looks as if the Democratic Congress is about to enhance the government's secret surveillance authority again. Surveillance of us, that is.

What, are they stupid? Come on, these are the civil-libertarian Democrats, who took over in order to clip Dubya's wings, right?

Hear that hollow laughter.

IOZ has provided a useful reminder:
Why, then, do Democrats, in perhaps their most enviable electoral position since the end of the Vietnam war, persist in expanding the secret powers of government over the lives of citizens? Because they want that power.


Grace Nearing said...

“Many members continue to fear that if they don’t support whatever the president asks for, they’ll be perceived as soft on terrorism,” said William Banks, a professor who specializes in terrorism and national security law at Syracuse University and who has written extensively on federal wiretapping laws.

Well, yeah, because the next Rove/Atwater clone will at least try to nuke the living shit out of any ambitious US politician who seems to be too tidy about Constitutional concerns.

However, there are precedents for rolling back intrusive domestic intelligence gathering activities, eg, the establishment of FISA post Vietnam.

As always, it's up to the citizens. It really is.

lemming said...

I thought I heard on NPR (could be wrong) that Congress now has lower approval ratings than the president. Not hard for me to believe. He has succeeded in scuttling the majority.

itsmecissy said...

God, I hate deja-vu.