Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Gay Old Party

Alrighty, then ... here's another Values Republican that you just don't want to see in the shower room down at the YMCA when you're trying to wash the sweat off. This one seemingly cruises the airport men's rooms.

My poor ability to comment has long since been exceeded. But, as somebody wrote on a message board that I saw last night: "Does ANYONE in the GOP still have sex with women? I mean, apart from the women, that is."

Don't feel bad, pachyderms. You've still got your war, which you've demonstrated is far more precious to you than anything else. So be happy.


Debbie said...

We had our own little version of this down here in Southern Indiana, but maybe you heard about it. http://www.newsandtribune.com/archivesearch/local_story_219210228.html

Heck Jay Leno even mentioned it in one of his monologues.

This fellow kindly tried to "help me out" when I was running for state senate. He said I shouldn't say things like "government has no business running parks" because the people do not want to hear such things.

He also told me that he would be a libertarian except he's a social conservative. What the?!!

Robert Rouse said...

Yeah, they still have their war and the way Bush is bringing out all his old fear speeches and inserting "Iran" for where "Iraq" used to be, it looks like they've decided we haven't quite stretched our military thin enough.

Bartleby said...

Debbie: Oh, yes, good old Glenn Murphy -- how quickly we forget! (Or, at least, how quickly I forget.) Hey, I'm just glad your encounter with him wasn't even more unpleasant.

(The link above suffered from the Blogger treatment, but I hope it will fare better here.

I, too, have heard the antipathy of many "social conservatives" for libertarian ideas. They know most people won't be good unless forced to be good by the State ... which is true enough, I'm sure. the thing is, even Almighty God is content that each person be free to choose right or wrong conduct; I guess many "social conservatives" must think God is some sort of naive, cockeyed optimist, while they are steely-eyed, worldly-wise realists. Or something.

Bartleby said...

Robert: I've been seeing the online alarm sounded about an imminent attack on Iran for some time, but now ... well, the sky is looking mighty dark, I agree. Regrettably, there is no political opposition, at least not this side of Dennis Kucinich or Ron Paul. And by the time the $10/gallon gasoline gets here, it will be far too late to save the lives of many, many people, Iranian and American alike.

My heartiest and most sincere curses on Dubya, all his henchmen, and all his works.

lemming said...

I haven't yet thrown up my hands in despair, but it's tempting.

Bartleby said...

lemming: I totally agree. I mean, the gangsters -- of both parties -- who run DC are getting ready to kick off another kill-spree, in your name and mine, with your money and mine, using kids that you and I know, who are maybe in our classes, as torpedoes and cannon fodder. And there's not a single accursed thing we can do to stop it.