Sunday, July 22, 2007

Gingrich for Clown-in-Chief!

Newtie should get some kind of prize for outstanding boob-ery. Hey, we could call it a "booby prize!" Unless that's already been taken, that is. Anyway, you have to give him his props, in a nauseous sort of way, for being able to keep a straight face while delivering himself of crapola like this:
Former House speaker and possible presidential contender Newt Gingrich, speaking Thursday night at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, conjured up images of an Islamic dictatorship in the United States as the consequence of failure in Iraq.

"It isn't about Israel. It isn't about us being in Iraq," Gingrich told about 500 people gathered at the Impact '07 leadership conference at Stabler Arena. "They want to impose their dictatorship on us."

In grim terms, Gingrich described the most severe consequences for women, who he said would not have been allowed to attend the Lehigh conference.

"If you want to be able to drive, to have a job, to have a checkbook; if you don't want to have to wear a veil; if you want to be able to appear in public without a man, you'd better hope our team wins," Gingrich said as he concluded his appearance on the Stabler stage, the first visit to the Lehigh Valley by a potential 2008 White House contender.
Lest you think that the Newtster was subjected to rude horselaughs or showers of past-the-sale-date produce, be assured that the pinhead population were enthused:
Walsh then asked the crowd if they wanted Gingrich to run, and most responded with enthusiastic applause.

Among those cheering was John Hinkle, a Lehigh County Republican committeeman from Upper Milford Township, who said Gingrich is his favorite candidate.

"I think Newt is a very smart man," Hinkle said. "He understands the war on terror."
It is awesome to contemplate the well-deserved pasting that the Elephant Caucus of the War Party is going to take next fall. The only problem is that, in our 1.001-party "system," the Jackass Caucus can't simultaneously take the butt-kicking that it so richly merits.

Oh, well, when the Chinese get tired of financing our clown carnival, it'll all be over anyway.


Grace Nearing said...

[I]f you want to be able to appear in public without a man, you'd better hope our team wins," Gingrich said....

I take it Newt is going with the our team-versus-their team paradigm, whereas Bush is sticking with the Good-versus-Evil paradigm.

Surely there must be a place in the world for Newt -- just not the White House. He'd make an excellent community college professor, and there's no shame in that. Newt should stay away from DC, think tanks, and television cameras.

Robert Rouse said...

Some shameless self-promotion here. From 9AM EST tomorrow morning until 9AM EST on Sunday morning, I will be blogging for the Alliance for Climate Protection as part of Blogathon 2007. Drop by Left of Centrist and help save our planet.

Bartleby said...

No shame called for -- promote away! I'll stop by LOC and have a look.

Bartleby said...

Grace: Considering who-all "Newt's team" are, I'm pleased that someone with his amazing public appeal and powerful personal magnetism is standing with them -- very publicly.

His concern for the well-being of women is touching, coming as it does from the guy who famously served his hospitalized-with-cancer wife with divorce papers.