Friday, December 29, 2006

Here's an Idea, George ...

I see where your Mesopotamian puppet regime has dusted our former Iraqi employee. So here's what you do, George, you pathetic and vainglorious pup. You declare "mission accomplished" once again (better think of a new phrase, though), and you immediately withdraw the legions -- every last one.

Hey, now you can say you won and everything! You can be SO much more of a man than your old Dad, and settle up that Oedipal scenario that's been playing itself out in what's left of your coked-out and booze-rotted mind.

But act fast! The glorious moment won't last ... wait until next week, and attention will only tend to return to the blood-soaked chaos you've made out of the former Iraq. Get out while the gettin's good, boy!


Craig said...

He can't pull out because he can't remember why he invaded in the first place.

Joseph Heller rolls in his grave.

lemming said...

We invaded to bring democracy to the country. They might not know that they want it, but now freedom rings throughout Iraq.

Gerald Ford's post-humous high poll numbers will only encourage GWB. It's two more years of stay the course.

Mike Sylvester said...

Here is a question for you Bartleby:

What will you do when Bush decides to send MORE troops to Iraq and the Democrats agree and more troops are sent...

I think this is going to happen.

I think there is going to be a BIG FIGHT in the Democratic Party in the next couple of months!

Mike Sylvester