Friday, April 21, 2006

Separated at Birth?

Oscar Wilde said: "A man's face is his autobiography." Of course, the fact that someone famous said something doesn't make it true ... but it often makes it elegantly-stated.

In any case, I was noticing the other day that Cal Thomas, that noted cheerleader for war against anybody Ay-rab, has an updated photo appearing with his syndicated columns. When first I saw it, I thought: He should've kept the mustache, and shouldn't have lost whatever weight it took to make him look ... well, the way he looks. Disturbing, that image is.

I also thought that he looked just like someone else. But until this morning, I couldn't put my finger on just where I'd seen Cal's twin. Suddenly, it came to me: Dr. Dealgood, from the third (and least) of the Mad Max films, Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. You know, the master of ceremonies in Thunderdome, the one who explained so eloquently to the crowd that to bust a deal is to face the wheel.

If Mr. Wilde was correct about the face being an autobiography, maybe Mr. Thomas should have made some better choices.

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