Monday, January 09, 2006

Hooray For the Mouse!

From CNN, a tale of rodent vengeance:

Vengeful mouse sets house ablaze

FORT SUMNER, New Mexico (AP) -- A mouse got its revenge against a homeowner who tried to dispose of it in a pile of burning leaves. The blazing creature ran back to the man's house and set it on fire.

Luciano Mares, 81, of Fort Sumner said he caught the mouse inside his house and wanted to get rid of it.

"I had some leaves burning outside, so I threw it in the fire, and the mouse was on fire and ran back at the house," Mares said from a motel room Saturday.

Village Fire Chief Juan Chavez said the burning mouse ran to just beneath a window, and the flames spread up from there and throughout the house.

No was hurt inside, but the home and everything in it was destroyed.

Next time the charming Luciano catches a live mouse, maybe he'll figure out some more-decent way of getting rid of it than throwing it, alive, into a fire. I hope the previous guest in his motel room did something unspeakable on the pillow case. What a schmuck.


TW said...

"I hope the previous guest in his motel room did something unspeakable on the pillow case.

You mean like sneeze or wipe his nose? ;o)

Bartleby said...


By the way, I see where dude's been changing his story ...

Grace said...

Divine justice, I'd say. As you pointed out, there are humane ways to eradicate vermin. On a miniature scale, this is the same reason why I root for the bulls during the idiocy in Pamplona.

KDM on the left coast said...

Hmmmm?! Yeah..but did the mouse survive?! LOL Oh, never mind! Probably a suicide bomber type mouse from the Middel East.
Kinda reminds me of an experience some years past when one of my wife's "brilliant" cats hopped up on kitchen counter and managed to set its tail on fire from one of the cook top burners.
Somehow or another, I caught the flaming feline before she took off like a torch and quickly put out the "tail fire" before any noticeable scorching. Would have been tough explaining that.
I never did explain the dissapearance of another cat that came to a sudden demise from my trucks fan belt & fan blade. Blackie? Blackie who? Yowza!

Siagiah AKA cj said...

hey guys...

My view?

the ASSHOLE homeowner!
That poooooor kitty...
tee hee... KDM, yer a "monstah!"

Sia AKA cj