Saturday, August 06, 2005

No Rest For Our Great Leader

From the news: our Dear Leader, Senor El Supremo Jorge Bush, is working hard on his undoubtedly long-overdue and richly-deserved vacation. (Why, I believe it's been several weeks since I last heard about the Dear Leader taking any vacation! He needs to take at least five weeks. You know, it's hard work, strutting and talking tough all the time, and being a Wartime Dear Leader.)

Of course, the Leader is such a workaholic that even when vacationing at his synthetic Texas ranch, he finds time for some chesty talk. From the AP's story:

During a question and answer session with reporters, Bush was asked about al-Zawahri's videotaped warnings.

"The comments of the No. 2 man of al-Qaeda make it clear that Iraq is part of this war on terror, and we're at war," Bush said.

"As I have told the American people, people like Zawahri have an ideology that is dark, dim, backwards," the president said. "They don't trust, they don't appreciate women. If you don't agree to their narrow view of religion, you're whipped in the public square."

Bush said that al-Zawahri "was a part of the team that attacked us on September 11, 2001."

"Part of their goal is to drive us out of the broader Middle East: precisely what this Zawahiri said. He's threatening. They have come up against a nation that, one, will defend itself," Bush said.

"We will stay the course. We will complete the job in Iraq," he added.

When the Dear Leader -- who is said to have personally kept the skies over Texas free of Communist MiGs for at least several weeks during last century's Global War on Vietnam -- gives us that truculent, resentful, squinting, thin-lipped Look of Steely Resolve and declares that "we" will stay the course and complete the job and so forth, one has to wonder: who's "we?" Is the Dear Leader planning to pick up a rifle and be first in the charge, and last in the retreat? Have the Twin BushBabes enlisted? Or does "we" turn out to mean teenagers who aren't old enough yet to realize that Glorious Leaders are actually thieves and murderous liars, along with some older reservists who've been stop-lossed into unplanned careers?

Of course, it would be both unfair and blasphemous to suggest that the Dear Leader lacks compassion for his fallen torpedoes:

Bush also paid tribute to Marines who died over the past few days in bombings in Iraq, including a community from near Columbus, Ohio, which suffered heavy losses.

He said that the community of Brook Park "suffered mightily over the last couple of days."

"I hope they can take comfort in the fact that millions of their fellow citizens pray for them," he said.

I guess one of the important manifestations of the greatness of El Presidente is his complete immunity to shame.


Grace said...

they don't appreciate women

Whenever Bush uses this expression I wince because it gives him some wiggle room in case the new Iraqi constitution is heavy on the sharia side. After all, "appreciation" is in the eye of the beholder.

Bartleby said...

Good point, Grace. I can remember back during the early part of the runup to the war, when El Presidente gave a Major Speech in which he said, among other inanities, that from now on, all regimes everywhere were going to have to be pretty much in step with western liberal democracies when it came to feminist-type issues. Of course, they also have to be democratic. What if the two are mutually exclusive, in Mesopotamia?

No problem, really. The Dear Leader does have the American public's thirty-second attention span going for him.

Which reminds me: where's my news about the Runaway Bride? I haven't had my fix since yesterday, when her grass-mowing was breathlessly reported in the news.