Thursday, May 19, 2005

Insulate, Insulate!

I'm on vacation, but the Melbourne Beach branch of the Brevard County (Florida) Public Library has seen fit to place internet access under my sandy fingertips. Bless their hearts!

I see in the news where the Federal judge whose relatives were killed a while back is demanding that "something be done about it" ... by Generalissimo El Presidente Supremo Jorge Bush, that is. You know -- The Wartime President. The story was so teased in the teevee news broadcast here at the beach cottage a few mornings ago, just as I was about to go and conduct some critical sand engineering analyses. (Result: it's gritty!) The commercial came on, and I remarked to my wife of Lo These Thirty Years, "Why is it that, whatever she may want done about it, it's sure to cost me another chunk of my shrinking supply of liberties?"

No, no, she said. I heard about this earlier. She wants more money for protection for Federal judges, is all.

The NewsReader returned. My wife was right. The bereaved judge was demanding more funding for Judge Protection.

But I was right, too ... although not in the way I was originally thinking. (My original thought involved the probable institution of "no-drive" zones for 1500-foot radii about Our Dread Federal Magistrates' homes.) But still ... where's the money going to come from? Yeah, right. So Tax Freedom Day will come a couple of hours later next year. I'll spend a couple more hours working for The Man. That's a diminution of my liberties. Yours, too.

Been to your local "Federal Building" lately? It's hard not to notice that the Feds are increasing the insulation between their persons and the peasants, such as ourselves. In a way, I rejoice at this. Surely, it's becoming obvious enough that even Boobus Americanus will be noticing soon. It's not just the airport any more. Maybe Boobus will start to become ... irritable? Testy, even?

I can think of worse things that could happen.

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