Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Glorious Iraqi Election

I see in the news that the apparent big winners in the pseudo-Iraqi pseudo-election are, if they are actually put in power, going to impose that eee-vill "sharia law" on the all-new, bright'n'shiny Iraq.

Yep, those ladies are gonna have to go out and buy new burquas. In ever-stylish basic black, I expect.

They had to do that under the arch-fiend Saddam Hussein, too, didn't they?

Errr ... well, no, wait, I guess they didn't.

Well, at least that other arch-devil, Osama bin Laden, will be miffed. I guess George really showed him who's boss, didn't he? A western-style secular strongman whom bin Laden cordially hated was trashed, and a fundamentalist Islamic regime of the sort that OBL can't stand is being installed. Hooray for America!

Oh, wait ... that's right, I don't suppose O bin L would have any problem at all with a Shi'ite theocracy in Iraq, would he?

Hmmmmm ... O Red-State Patriots, I think we'd have to say -- objectively speaking, of course -- that you got busy last fall and re-elected bin Laden's most useful ally (or most useful idiot, perhaps) to the U.S. presidency. And 1500 American soldiers haven't died for nothing ... oh no, not at all! They've died for radical Islam. Democratically imposed, of course.

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